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Folklore from East Java

BRAWIJAYA was the king of Majapahit Kingdom. He had a daughter, her name was Dyah Ayu Pusparani. She was very beautiful. Many young men fell in love with her. However, she always refused their marriage proposals. King Brawijaya was sad. He really wanted to see his daughter to get married.

“You have to get married soon, my daughter,” said King Brawijaya.

He continued, “I’m getting older, I know you are looking for a great husband. I have an idea, I’m going to hold a competition. If a man can stretch Kyai Garudayaksa’s bow and lift Kyai Sekardelima’s gong, he will be your husband."

Princess Dyah Ayu Pusparani was speechless. She knew her father really wanted her to get married. She just hoped that she would marry a great man. She knew the bow and the gong had supernatural power. So the winner must had supernatural power too.

One by one men tried to stretch the bow and lifted the gong. No one succeeded. They were injured, their hands and backs were broken.

King Brawijaya planned to stop the competition. He thought no one could win the competition. However, before he stopped it, a man came to him.

“Don’t stop the competition now. I haven’t tried it yet.”

Everybody was looking at him. He was very strange. His head was unlike human’s head. He had a bull’s head.

“What’s your name?” asked the king.

“My name is Lembusura.”

Then he tried to stretch the bow, he succeeded. The next test, he had to lift the gong. Again, he succeeded. Everybody applauded. They all were amazed by his power. 

However, Princess Dyah Ayu Pusparani was sad. She never thought that she would marry a man who had a bull’s head. King Brawijaya was also sad. But he had no choice. He had to keep his promise.

Later, he asked his men to prepare a wedding ceremony. The ceremony was getting closer and Princess Dyah Ayu Pusparini was really sad. She really wanted to cancel the wedding. She was thinking very hard. Finally she had an idea. She told his father.

“Father, ask Lembusura to make a well on the top of Kelud Mountain. The well is for me to take a bath,” said Princess Dyah Ayu Pusparini.

King Brawijaya understood the plan. He asked Lembusura to go to the top of Kelud Mountain. Lembusura agreed. When he arrived, Lembusura dug the ground. He was digging until the hole was deep. Suddenly, some soldiers pushed him into the hole. They buried him alive. Lembusura was helpless. He could not do anything.

Before he died, he cursed the King. “King Brawijaya, wait for my revenge. I will destroy your kingdom!” cursed Lembusura.

Everybody was so scared. They really believed that Lembusura would revenge to the kingdom. Until now, every time Kelud Mountain erupts, people say that Lembusura is doing his revenge!***

Mount Kelud Eruption

Putri Bussu and Putri Anam

Putri Bussu dan Putri Anam >> Edisi Bahasa Indonesia

Folklore from West Kalimantan

ONCE upon a time, there was a family with two daughters. The first was Putri Bussu and the youngest was Putri Anam. Their parents were poor family. The father was a farmer and he only had a small rice field.

The farmer often asked his daughters to help him. Unfortunately, it was only Putri Bussu who was willing to help. Yes, she was helpful and obedient to her parents. However, Putri Anam was the opposite. She was lazy and only paid attention to her looks. She always wanted to look beautiful. In fact, she always thought that helping her father in the rice field would not make her look beautiful.

It was a hot day. Putri Bussu just helped her father in the rice field. She was resting on the porch in front of the house. It was so hot. She moved her hand-fan to have fresh air for her body.

Suddenly, wind blew very hard. Her hand-fan was blown away by the wind. Putri Bussu chased it and it was finally stuck on the top of a tree. The tree was on his neighbor's front yard. The neighbor's name was Mr Russa

Putri Bussu knocked the door. Mr Russa asked her what happened. She explained,

"My hand fan was blown by the wind and now it is stuck on the top of your tree. Would you please climb the tree and get my hand fan?" asked Putri Bussu politely.

"Sure, I can help you. But I'm so hungry now. Would you please cook chicken porridge in my kitchen?" asked Mr Russa.

"Don't worry Sir. I will cook delicious chicken porridge for you," said Putri Bussu happily.

Yes, she was good at cooking.

Later Mr Russa climbed the tree and grabbed the hand-fan. When he went inside his house, he saw Putri Bussu busily cooking. Not long after that, the chicken porridge was served.

The porridge was still hot and Mr Russa did not like eating hot porridge. While waiting for the porridge to be cold, he was chatting with Putri Bussu.

They talked and talked, and finally the porridge was cold. Mr Russa immediately ate it. He was so happy. The porridge was so delicious

"Putri Bussu, the porridge is so delicious. Now, I want to give you a gift. I have some pumpkin. You can take one."

"Thank you very much, Sir."

Putri Bussu then took one small pumpkin. She was not greedy. She thought that Mr Russa still needed the pumpkins. After that, she went home. At home, Putri Bussu opened the pumpkin. She was surprised! She found some gold and jewelries inside the pumpkin! Putri Anam was so jealous. She asked how Putri Bussu got the pumpkin. She explained to Putri Anam about her hand-fan, the porridge, and the pumpkin.

After she knew how to get the pumpkin, Putri Anam threw her hand-fan to Mr. Russa's tree

Then she asked him to get her hand-fan. Mr Russa agreed, but he also asked her to cook the chicken porridge.

When the porridge was done, Putri Anam gave it to Mr Russa. She said that it was cold already. She lied. She was impatient and wanted to get the pumpkin soon.

When Mr Russa tasted the porridge, he was angry. It was still hot. He even got angrier when she asked a pumpkin from him. He pointed a room that was full of pumpkins. Putri Anam went inside the room and took the biggest pumpkin. Without saying thank you, she ran home.

At home, she immediately opened the pumpkin. She was surprised! She did not see any gold and jewelries. Instead there were some snakes inside the pumpkin! The snakes bit her. Putri Anam was screaming in pain. Putri Bussu helped her. When she was cured, Putri Anam promised to behave well. She became a helpful, obedient, and kind girl. ***


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